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An online marketplace where you can shop all of Jillian Harris' favourite digital products! From her personal presets to the wildly popular Wild at Heart print, and MORE!

Why You'll Love Our Presets

“We absolutely LOVE our Jilly Digital presets. Setup was super easy and we love how our photos are instantly enhanced with one click! They have created a cohesive looking feed on our page with increased interest/engagement on our photos! These presets are highly recommended!”

“We are so happy with our Jilly Digital Presets, they have helped to really elevate our images and create that bright crisp look we wanted on our feed. I love how simple the process is to take a quick iPhone picture and be able to click a few buttons and achieve a bright professional looking picture!”

I LOVE using the Jilly Digital presets. They are so easy to use, and made my feed so much more cohesive. I love that my page looks so much more professional with them, I use them on every photo! Keeping my page consistent has helped with landing some exciting brand deals… a huge win!


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