Jilly Presets

Presets are editing formulas that make your photo look a certain way. When editing images we adjust many different things in Lightroom to achieve the ‘Jilly’ look (brightness, muted greens, desaturated yellows, soft pinks & blues). These settings can be saved as a preset, so that I can save time on other edits using the preset I saved. I use these presets for photos that I take on my iPhone, and are also used by our photographer on Adobe Lightroom for desktop.

For your MOBILE device, you will need a mobile device, and you will need to download the FREE version of the Lightroom CC Mobile app, no subscription required. You can find it in the app store here.

For your DESKTOP computer, you will need any version of Adobe Lightroom installed on your laptop or desktop computer, available here. Please note that the Adobe Lightroom requires a monthly subscription.

The JH presets include files for both mobile & desktop Adobe Lightroom programs. The JH presets include an array of presets for many occasions with a variety of editing styles. All of your preset purchases will include an instruction guide for installing your presets, and two video tutorials for downloading onto both mobile and desktop devices.

For an image taken on your mobile phone, they are similar. Both are layers of adjustments that are applied onto an image, but you cannot make specific adjustments to a ‘filter’. A preset has more flexibility and ability to tweak once applied. I have been taking and editing photos for years, and we use a very specific editing style on my Instagram feed and blog! I’m always asked how I create such crisp, bright and airy images, and I’ve developed these so that you too can emulate this ‘formula’ on your own photos!

You will receive an email immediately after payment is completed containing the files ready to download to your mobile device or desktop computer and an instruction manual to guide you through the process.

No, you don’t! If you’re planning on using the presets for your mobile device, you don’t need the desktop version of Lightroom to use them. Please note that Lightroom mobile app is free and the Lightroom desktop requires a monthly subscription. We’d recommend saving those files in case you would like to eventually use them on your computer.

The desktop presets are designed to be used with RAW or JPEG images on DSLR cameras. You cannot use them on mobile phones. The mobile presets are designed for photos taken on your phone or on JPEGS! The mobile presets are somewhat of a custom ‘filter' for anyone looking to do quick edits on their mobile phone. You will receive files for BOTH your desktop and mobile devices!

Mobile presets are the same as a desktop preset, but for your mobile device. These are a quick and easy solution to edit your photos on a mobile phone.

When the payment is cleared you will receive an automatic confirmation email. This email will contain your link to download the presets. You will also receive links to video tutorials as well as an instruction manual giving you step-by-step instructions for setting up the presets. No worries, it’s simple!

This is a very important question. There are SO many variables and factors in determining the colouring, tones and light of each individual photo. The location, time of day or season, camera settings, lenses, lighting, file type, and the subject.. so presets almost ALWAYS require tweaking to fit each unique situation. Even after applying a preset, we always have to tweak and make adjustments based on the factors listed above. If you apply your preset and it doesn’t look perfect right away, don’t panic! You may want to adjust things like the exposure and white balance after applying the preset to get your desired look. Make sure to watch the video included in your download and read the instruction manual  thoroughly to learn more about editing with presets.

You will have a set limit as to how many downloads you can do. You can download the mobile presets only to your device but we highly recommend downloading them onto your desktop computer and saving them to a hard drive or backing them up. That way if you get a new phone or computer you can easily access them!

Due to the nature of these files, are sales are final.

My editing style is very specific to our brand and my feed and has been refined throughout many years (and a lot of trial and error!). I lean towards a brighter, crisp editing style that still includes a lot of colour, but desaturates and softens bright hues. If you like the style of the photos you see on my feed and blog, I think you’ll love these! If you prefer darker, moodier images these may not be for you.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Always choose the ‘Maximum Available’ Image Size when saving your mobile image once edited in the Lightroom app. This will maintain a higher quality image. If using the desktop presets on RAW images or JPEGs, I recommend saving your images as high resolution JPEGs.

After receiving your email with the files, you will receive directions to download the presets on both your mobile devices and desktop computer. While you have the option to download only to your mobile device, we HIGHLY recommend also downloading them onto your desktop computer and then saving them to an external hard drive or somewhere that you can access them at a later date. The URL in your email is valid for two years from the purchase date.

Yes, the presets will work on an iPad! Make sure you start the process from the beginning on your tablet by opening the link provided in your email on your tablet. The Lightroom app on iPad looks a little different — the preset tab will have the two linked circles, third down on the right. Just keep following the same instructions for adding the presets in!

You will only need a mobile device to download the mobile presets. If you choose to use the desktop preset, you will of course need a desktop computer! The mobile presets are compatible with both Android and iPhone.

Yes! You simply need a mobile device for your mobile presets.

Currently the JH presets consists of two collections purchased as a bundle, JH Love Collection and JH Winter Collection, and a single preset called Food Love.

Yes, the presets absolutely work with Lightroom CC! If you’re using CC, you may find this tutorial helpful. Please note that the desktop Lightroom app has a monthly subscription.

Please email customerservice@jillianharris.com with your order number or full name used to order so we can easily locate your order. We will update this in the shop and you will receive a new confirmation email.

If you are trying to download the mobile files on an Android device, it is a slightly different process, as noted in the instructional manual. For these devices, when you click the individual mobile preset file links they will automatically download to your camera roll without having to save them (likely as .tiff files). 

Then simply follow the steps outlined in the instruction manual provided in your confirmation email of opening the Lightroom App and adding the files into the album. You will be able to see the images loaded with the words RAW on them instead of the eight black squares listed in the manual.

For iPhone devices, we recommend using Safari to save the mobile preset files instead of Chrome. Simply copy the download link provided in your confirmation email, and paste it into your Safari browser.

Our mobile preset files are saved in a format called a DNG file. These files have data that can only be read once the image is opened within the Lightroom App. When you save your presets, they will appear as blank squares in your camera roll. However, rest assured that once you open the preset files in the app, the image will load!

There are tools that we use once we’ve applied our presets to make our images POP. Have you tried adjusting the exposure, white balance and tint tools available in your Lightroom app once the preset is applied? Any or all of these adjustments will help you with those final touches and make a world of difference. There are tips and tricks in the video here as well as in the instruction manual.

Jilly Downloadable Prints

A downloadable print is a digital download in the form of a JPEG image. These downloadable prints can be used for home decor, prints, or digital wallpaper. You can download them from our Digital Store and have them printed by following our instruction manual and printing tips.

You can purchase your print through Jillian Harris’ Digital Store and once the payment has been processed you will receive an email with a link to download your files including an instruction manual. Your purchase will include three file sizes: small, medium and large, for you to print at your favourite local or online professional printer.

The main difference is the resolution of the art. Typically online images are set to a dpi (dots per inch) resolution of 72 for fast loading purposes where as downloadable prints have a 300 dpi for high image quality prints.

Our downloadable print files come as JPEG files to ensure that you can upload to online sites for printing purposes. You can either print the file as a JPEG or convert to a PDF if you’d like. Both files can be used for printing!

The Jilly print is created in house by Team Jilly and our favourite local artists. These prints will be launched seasonally so that you can bring a little piece of Jillian into your home.

All of the Jilly prints have a dpi of 300 for a high-quality print.

The Jilly prints are either a rectangle or square with aspect ratios that you can customize to other sizes of your desire. For the rectangle prints we have the files in three sizes, small at 6 x 8 in medium at 9 x 12 in and large at 18 x 24 in.  For the square prints we have the files in three sizes, small at 8 x 8 in medium at 16 x 16 in and large at 24 x 24 in.

Jillian’s Cabin art and Let Your Heart Be Bright art is a square print at 24 x 24 in. The Jolly at Heart art is a rectangle print at 18 x 24 in.

We recommend printing your art at your favourite local printer or an online printing store! The files you receive are suitable for any type of professional printer, so there's zero hassle to print it! 

Feel free to choose your printing method, but here's a couple of ideas:

Email or bring files to local print store

You can also use a common retail store near you such as Michaels, Staples or Costco

Upload and print online at Minted.com or Michaels.com (plus you can frame your print at Michaels too!)

Try a Google search including terms such as ‘Art Printing’, ‘Poster Printing’ or ‘Online Printing’.

Print on heavy off-white card stock vs stark white for a high quality look and feel

We recommend high quality heavy card stock on matte or satin paper. If you are looking for a lasting print we recommend acid-free paper. Jillian prints her art on sintra as it’s light, inexpensive and easy to change for each season. Find a local printer who can print on sintra with a quick Google search.

This is your chance to be creative! Find what works within your budget and your decor. You can choose a custom framer near you with a quick Google search or go to a retailer such as Michael. Frames can be found at any home decor place or even at Value Village.. Share your framed art with us by using #JillyPrints.

Jillian gets her art framed in Kelowna at Robert’s Custom Framing

Jillian loves using gold ornate, whitewashed herringbone, or simple plain white frames depending on the art.

The Jilly art is for personal use only and is copyright to Jillian Harris and not intended for business purposes, including print and online marketing. 

Personal use means non-commercial use of the Media for display on personal websites and computers, or making image prints or video copies for personal use. The Media may not be used in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration. The Media may not be used in advertising. The Media may not be resold, relicensed, or sub-licensed.

Yes! We would LOVE to see your framed art in your home! Show us by using #JillyPrints.

The file should have been emailed to you right after your purchase. Please email customerservice@jillianharris.com to ensure the order was placed and the correct email address was used.

Due to the nature of these digital files, are sales are final. If you are having issues with the file please email us at customerservice@jillianharris.com.

Jillian prints her art on either Sintra through Sign Craft in Kelowna or on heavy card stock through Kelowna Instaprint.